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Welcome to Long Island

One On One Kickingโ€™s training sessions give each athlete the understanding of proper fundamentals and mechanics while preparing them for the mental aspects of special teams play. Our training sessions are engaging, structured, and designed to push players to achieve their potential. Our staffโ€™s goal is to ensure that the athlete will have the best opportunity to improve as a specialist.

One On One Kickingโ€™s staff has several years of playing experience in the National Football League (NFL) and in major college conferences. Our coaches seek to ensure each athlete has a thorough understanding of proper kicking mechanics, learn how to interpret feedback given to them based on the result of each kick, and implement corrections in a manner which will carry-over from the practice field to game day.

How Does Registration Work?

Training sessions are approximately every other week with terms lasting 12 months or 6 months. Private sessions lasting 2 days or 5 days are available.

You are making your initial deposit now. Further payment arrangements will be set up with the coach at this location. You will not be auto-charged for the rest of the payments unless your coach sets that up with you. Your term renewal, however, is auto charged unless you cancel.


12-Month Term: $600 down followed by $200/mo. for 12 months.

6-Month Term: $350 down followed by $200/mo. for 6 months.

Jr. High-Middle School: $500 down followed by $200/mo. for 10 months.


2-Day Term: $100 down followed by $400 at the session.

5-Day Term: $200 down followed by $1000 at the session.

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Location & Schedule

Please email for location and schedule.

Kicking Training

  • Long Island 12-month Kicking Down Payment

    $600.00 / year
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  • Long Island 6-month Kicking Down Payment

    $350.00 / 7 months
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  • Long Island Jr High-MS Kicking Down Payment

    $500.00 / 12 months
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  • Long Island 2-Day Kicking Down Payment

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  • Long Island 5-Day Private Down Payment (Spring & Winter Break)

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Refund Policy

This is a commitment to train full time to achieve the ultimate level possible. We will only refund monies for training due to injuries and a medical report from a orthopedic Firm with results of injury. No deposit made is refundable due to the insurance we pay for the player.

We will refund any monies owed with in 60 days.