Long Snapping 101

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Grip of the ball: Dominant Hand

  1. Hold the ball with your dominant hand like you would throw it.
  2. Your forefinger and middle finger are your release fingers, the ball will role off these two fingers when snapped.
  3. Keep your thumb the same distance from the tip of the ball as your middle finger.

Grip of the ball: Guide Hand

  1. Place guide hand on the underside (opposite side of the laces) of the football with fingers pointing towards the tip of the ball away from you.
  2. Your finger tips/ pads should be the only part gripping the ball.
  3. The ball shouldn’t be touching the middle part of your hand/ palm.
  4. I like to place my middle finger of my guide hand in the seam of the ball.
  5. Height of my hand is middle to upper half of the ball (this is a preference, what is comfortable to you??)
  6. You can move your guide hand vertically up and down the ball to get a position that is more comfortable to you.

Year Round Training - Snapping

Year Round Training - Snapping Part 2

STANCE: Position of Feet

  1. Your feet should be parallel to each other (one foot farther up than the other and cause the ball to sail in one direction)
  2. Your stance should be approximately 4-6 inches wider than shoulder width (again this is a comfort issue, some people like ‘em wide, some people like ‘em skinny) Your punt stance will be completely different than your extra point/ field goal stance.
  3. Your toes should be pointing straight forward.
  4. If your uncomfortable with your toes straight forward, slightly turn your toes out.
  5. Keep your feet flat on the ground, your weight should be slightly shifted towards the balls of your feet (your generating all your power through the balls of your feet).

Getting into the Correct Position

  1. Place the ball on the ground one yard in front of you.
  2. From your stance, bend your knees a slightly (about a ¼ squat).
  3. Bend over at the waist and reach your arms out to the ball.
  4. Keep your back flat and parallel to the ground.
  5. Yours arms should be extended in front of you, they should be around 90-95% extended (again, a comfort issue, what is comfortable to you??)
  6. Your feet have to be firmly planted on the ground (firm feet bring power).
  7. You have to find a good balance point. Don’t get off balance, making sure not to lean too far forward or backwards.
  8. Once all these points are achieved, drop your butt slightly (cocking the gun). This will assure that you are using your lower body to it’s full capacity (comfort issue, you might like it or you might not).

Train with the Best!

Goal Post Drill

This is a tremendous drill. It will definitely help with accuracy.

  1. Line up at a given distance from a goal post, tree, or volleyball post, etc. Basically anything that is solid and has a body size width.
  2. Snap the ball and try to hit the goal post.
  3. Goal is to try to hit the target consistently.
  4. Start with a larger target and then move smaller.

As a man who has been in the game of football for over forty years, a former college head coach and Director of Scouting for an NFL scouting agency, I feel qualified to tell you that the One On One kicking camp is the best camp I have ever seen for punters and kickers. Their no-nonsense and hard work philosophy will improve any kicker or punter that attends their camps. In only six weeks my son added close to ten yards to his field goals, close to three tenths to his hang time punting, and seven inches to his hamstring flexibility. I give One On One and Mike McCabe my highest recommendation.

Joe Hoffman – NFL Scout